Entrepreneurship Programs

Programs & Initiatives

Innovation and action is a driving force behind all that we do in the Entrepreneurship Collaborative. It’s what we work to cultivate in our students – an entrepreneurial, ‘Think & Do’ mentality.

There are a wealth of programs at NC State University focused on entrepreneurship:

Arts Entrepreneurship

Arts Entrepreneurship is a minor program where students learn necessary skills to succeed in an arts related venture, as well as how the arts fit into society and the economy.

Engineering Entrepreneurs Program

Students begin with a blank sheet of paper and develop a new product for an entrepreneurial venture. It immerses the student in a simulation-like learning experience that challenges them to change the world.

Jenkins MBA

Students have extensive interaction with the business leaders in the area. They gain experience through working on real-world projects that force them to be innovative and think on their feet.

Institute for Nonprofits

The institute for nonprofits works to grow the already developing nonprofit and social sector organizations in the surrounding area.

Entrepreneurship Initiative

The Entrepreneurship Initiative is a broad, campus-wide organization that is involved with everything related to entrepreneurship or innovation.

Office of Technology Commercialization and New Ventures

The Office of Technology Commercialization and New Ventures is a center for helping inventors and new ventures reach success by providing technology and other resources as well as general support.