Mission & Vision


We will conduct high quality research, provide meaningful service to the entrepreneurship community and exceptional education for current and aspiring entrepreneurs.


Entrepreneurship Collaborative (EC) is based on a clinical research and teaching model that seamlessly integrates high quality research, successful client service and exceptional education.

  • Our faculty and research partners will engage in fundamental theoretical research that pushes the boundaries in entrepreneurship teaching and practice.
  • We will test this research with collaborators in the entrepreneurship community, using our clinical model to channel feedback back into our research activities, advancing knowledge and best practices.
  • We will involve students at various stages in this research, testing and feedback loop , providing a practical education that prepares them to be valued participants in the entrepreneurship community through a solid understanding of both theory and practice.
  • We will provide accessible, real world support to the entrepreneurship community – locally, regionally and internationally – through opportunities to engage with EC at various levels