About EC: Entrepreneurship Collaborative

The Entrepreneurship Collaborative (EC) is the home for all Poole College of Management entrepreneurship-related activities. We see entrepreneurs as the leaders in economic development and innovation – solving problems, seeking opportunities and building a sustainable future for the world. Our goals center on the success of our students and alumni. We are committed to developing students who create opportunities that most people don’t see and work skillfully and ethically to bring them to fruition.

We are also committed to assisting our local entrepreneurial community, applying knowledge gained from years of experience and research to the challenges they face every day. We are developing a clinical environment where innovators and early stage entrepreneurs can come for assistance and guidance. This ‘entrepreneurial ecosystem’ will bring faculty and students together to work with innovators and beginning entrepreneurs to help them to solve problems, build strategies for growth and guide new ventures towards success. In the process, our aspiring entrepreneurs will be building skill sets essential for their own futures.

As our name suggests, EC actively seeks opportunities to work with groups across NC State University, the State of North Carolina, the U.S. and internationally. We engage with our sister institutions in the University of North Carolina system through our Accelerating the Commercialization of Technology (ACT) program and support other entrepreneurship centers here at NC State. We welcome serial entrepreneurs and professionals into our program as mentors, speakers and advisors.

Building on the rich history of entrepreneurship in the Poole College of Management, EC provides a cornerstone for economic development through its service to and engagement with the local, regional, national and international entrepreneurship communities. Embedding our students in these entrepreneurial ecosystems puts them on the path to becoming the founders and innovators of tomorrow.